Actually today’s Storyweek story is about unrequited love, or secret crushes, or what the kids today call “limerence.”

Commerce doesn’t feature much in the story itself (sorry, no strippers or prostitutes or escorts), but it’s sprinkled throughout in the form of affiliate links to Amazon. We will run these commerce stories from time to time and hope we can make the site pay for itself that way. Some will be incidentally commercial — we’ll just stuff affiliate links into the copy and see what happens. That’s what today’s story is. Some others will be intentionally commercial — we’ll target one or two or three products and we’ll shape the story around them. Those are on their way. Any suggestions for products to feature? Or maybe you’d like to write one?

Anyway. Think of it as product placement. If you need ketchup or light bulbs or a really cool puzzle, you know where to look.