Today at the checkout in Whole Foods, the checkout girl, or young woman, I guess, scanned my fancy ginger ale and said, “Making a Ginger Ale Mojito?”

“Err, no. Not a … Mojito. I will be making a Buck.”

“A … Buck?”

“Yes. It is an old cocktail, well not truly a cocktail since there are no bitters, but nobody really pays attention to that. It’s a descendant of the Sling, which is an even older mixture, a portable Punch. Grog fits in there, too. A Buck is ginger ale, rye, and the juice of half a lime, over ice, in a Collins or highball glass.”

Dumb stare.

“Rye is a kind of super bourbon. Spicy and with a little more oomph.”

“Oh. I just turned 21 and all this is new to me. I’ll try anything, though.”

Dumb stare.

“Yeah, so thanks for bringing in your shopping bags.”

“Yes, well, try a Buck. Quite refreshing and you can moderate the bourbon or rye with the ginger ale. If you make it with vodka it’s a ‘Moscow Mule’.”

“OK, well thanks. Receipt in the bag?”

I’m getting used to feeling old. What’s surprising is how little I’ve learned while getting here.