“Boy, the weather’s been crazy lately.”

“Ah khnt auk.”

“Open wider. … I almost fell several times—that ice!”

“Ak-kay. Al kry.”

“Wider. … Me too. I’m also worried about my elderly mother.”

“Ny hudr-z hed.

“How can you say that? … Wider.”

“Khwt d-ye kink ah khed?”

“Whoa, that’s not nice. Heck, you don’t even know my mother.”

“Yetz hok kah-en.”

“Well, that happened long ago. How do you know that? … Wider.”

“Ah, khut uck.”

“Look, let’s end this topic. … Wider.”

“Hur-en ess-hl.”

“Bite down and shut up. … Open wide. … Humm, done.”

“Ah, thank—”

“Open once more. I need to rinse out your mouth. … There.”